Emotional Trauma is a common result of an extremely stressful event or events that removes your sense of security. Emotional trauma can leave you struggling to deal with your emotions and as a result feel moody, anxious, tired, fatigued, extremely angry or sad. It can highlight past insecurities or be the cause of new anxieties and or depression, which is often difficult to recover from.Emotional trauma leaves you with confusion and waves of emotion like numbness, feeling stunned, disconnected and asking the question ‘why me’ which can raise a wave of anger or deep sadness. Unresolved emotional trauma can be detrimental to our growth and development. If left unresolved, trauma can affect our sense of safety and security in the world. In essence, emotional trauma can control your decisions in an attempt to prevent you from facing a similar trauma in the future. Unprocessed emotions and memories from trauma can be stored at the cellular level, in our muscles, organs, systems and the subconscious mind. When emotional trauma is not dealt with effectively it can cause a wide range of emotional, mental and physical problems including physical pain, depression and anxiety, imbalance in the digestive, reproductive, circulatory and nervous systems and more. Muscle testing typically means a kinesiologist applies pressure to a specific muscle group to gauge tension in the muscle and find a blockage. By Kinesiology testing we can understand when and what kind of trauma you had, it’s not important that you can remember it or no. Once the source of these blockages is discovered, positive affirmations are used to remove them, forming wavelengths to create a shift in the brain. After this shift happens, a recording in your cellular memory takes place, which restructures your thought patterns, which in turn improves your physical form. Through this process, your immune system self-heals. To support it we use a ‘setting process’ on an acupuncture point to check that we have no fundamental conflicts. We will gave you the Bach flower support, aromatherapy and cromo therapy us a home work when  it’s needed.