Lately, many women all over the world are getting the eyebrow microblading, which is a semi-permanent tattoo, which lasts approximately 18 months.  I personally started last year when I was visiting my clients, especially for a facial massage – which they ended delighted and rejuvenated – and they asked me several times if I can do the micro balding.  Soon after I decided to improve my list of service, did a course and began. There are different techniques, I rather do the 3D technique because is the most natural effect;  it requires more precision when you draw each line eyebrow, but the results are gorgeous.  Also, you need to be careful with the colors you use. I have met some clients with darker color when their skin and hair where lighter; that was not a good choice. I rather use Softtap pigments to carefully create an eyebrow hair; so the final effect it simply natural with a great quality product.