Private Health Coach session by Applied Kineseology

Applied Kinesiology testig is a valuable diagnostic method. Have you ever thought that muscles, organs and systems communicate with each other? That’s is a principe how works the Applied Kinesiology, a holistic therapy aimed at the well-being of the person, conceived by chiropractic doctor George Goodhearth. Kinesiology is the study of the mechanics of bodily motion, especially muscle movements and their relationship to our body systems. The muscle-organ relationship describes the connection which exists between various specific skeletal muscles and the body’s main internal organs. Applied Kinesiology uses manual muscle testing in combination with various provocative sensory stimuli to get information about different aspect : structural, chemical, and emotional. If you look at a triangle each side represents the three areas in our body that can cause disease or problems. All health problems, functional or pathological, are involved with one part or all parts of the triangle. Applied kinesiology is a science that, through the application of muscle tests, making use of the contribution of all the other traditional and non-traditional medical sciences, allows us to better question the human body, about its state of health and to receive the answers about our health:

Sometimes the healing seems like a miracle. But the miracle is not a supernatural action, it’s real , it’s about to restore a balance. I use applied Kinesiology testing, Chinese medicine knowledge, Cranio sacral therapy, Bach flowers, chromotherapy and  aromatherapy support ,i will guide and help you to improve your health condition, focusing on healthy lifestyle, nutrition, structural body balance, emotional wellbeing. The body has amazing ability to heal itself!


Cost of session: 60  min –120 eu