Private Health Coach session by Applied Kineseology

Applied Kinesiology testig is a valuable diagnostic method. Have you ever thought that muscles, organs and systems communicate with each other? That’s is a principe how works the Applied Kinesiology, a holistic therapy aimed at the well-being of the person, conceived by chiropractic doctor George Goodhearth. through the kinesiological test it is possible to interrogate the muscles of the body and trace a possible disorder.  Through applied kinesiology testing with the use of specific “food toxins”, we have been able to increase the accuracy of food sensitivity detection. We have found that using these specific food toxins, rather than testing with the actual food substance, has yielded many more positive findings with subsequent amelioration of symptomatology in patients who follow the prescribed diet.Applied kinesiology is a science that, through the application of muscle tests, making use of the contribution of all the other traditional and non-traditional medical sciences, allows us to better question the human body, about its state of health and to receive the answers about our health:

-Diagnostic of pathogenic flora in your body
(parasitas , bacterias, fungi)

-Vitamins, oligo elements, supplements efficiency

-Food intolerance test

-Personal diet plan

-Bach flowers and essential oils for psycho emotional balance

-Muscle pain relief

-Energetic meridians balance


Cost of session: 60  min –100 eu