Muscle strains are very common and can happen to anyone at any point. Kinesiology associate the muscle function with the craniosacral system, energy meridians, hormonal, nutritional, and emotional factors, and reflexology; as such, each muscle is related to a specific body organ. This assessment system uses specific diagnostic methods, including the manual muscle test, which evaluates changes in neuromuscular response to determine how and where the body is unbalanced so that it can be properly corrected. To treat the muscle pain we use:


– Craniosacral therapy that is a form of alternative therapy uses gentle touch to palate the synarthrodial joints of the cranium

-Visceral manipulation hands-on therapy that focuses on your organs. . The goal is to relieve tension, improve connective tissue mobility, and -encourage better digestive and respiratory functions.

-Postural balance correction by gentile manual techniques and exercises

-Energetic meridians balance

-Myofascial release and trigger point therapy

-Food toxins diagnostic