Masha Tcherkasskaia

Located in more than 4 years in the island, doing massages in Ibiza,  Masha is skillful and experienced massage therapist and beautician with more than  12 years experience. Masha uses a unique combination of techniques derived from various cultures and healing systems throughout the world, with her ability to sense the energy channels in your body.   She works with the flow of your energies to release the muscles pain and tension, increase vitality and balance your body and mind. The quality of her services guarantees you the feeling of renewed, released and healed.

Masha has studied In Italy, BCM school in Milano and certified how a beautician and massage therapist. She was trained in China, Zonfang Red Cross Hospital and certified in TCM diagnostics, Acupuncture, Tuina and Guasha massage, she also was trained in Thailand and is certified in Thai traditional massage and foot reflexology; In India and is certified in Tibetan traditional massage In 2016 She attended 1 level Reiki.

Masha is passionate about offering the best Ibiza massages, therefore she is always improving her knowledge and techniques to reach guest satisfaction because  – “While you are in holidays in Ibiza, you need also need to  recover, recharge or indulge yourself; that is why I’m always offering my best experience for a great massage session as well as beauty treatments.” MT


Highly qualified Yoga teacher, massage and gestald therapist


As a Physiotherapist Alessia  have  a good knowledge of anatomy and muscles and i’m confident in deep tissue treatments,to release tension and give relaxation over all body and mind.