Trigger points massage release muscles pain and improve energy flow. Trigger Points are small areas of spasm inside your muscles. Although their true nature is uncertain, the usual story is that a trigger point is a small patch of tightly contracted muscle, a micro-cramp of a tiny patch of muscle tissue (as opposed to a whole-muscle spasm. These areas get stuck in a protective mode – causing pain and stiffness. The interesting thing is that the trigger point can be in a very different place from where you feel the pain. Clinically, trigger points tend to emerge in the warp and weft of the myofascial along certain predetermined lines of force, or meridians.

The good news is that when you find and treat the trigger point, you can turn off the spasm and get fast pain relief for your muscles. Our therapists working with trigger points will always benefit by gaining an understanding of these myofascial meridians, and a familiarity with current theories and working concepts.