Kinesiology in Ibiza

Applied Kinesiology testing is a valuable diagnostic method. Have you ever thought that muscles, organs and systems communicate with each other? The muscle-organ relationship describes the connection which exists between various specific skeletal muscles and the body’s main internal organs. Applied Kinesiology in Ibiza is a holistic therapy aimed at the well-being of the person, conceived by chiropractic doctor George Goodhearth,  Kinesiology is the study of the mechanics of bodily motion, especially muscle movements and their relationship to our body systems.

During  Applied Kinesiology session we will use manual muscle testing in combination with various provocative sensory stimuli to get information about different aspect: structural, chemical, and emotional. If you look at a triangle each side represents the three areas in our body that can cause disease or problems. All health problems, functional or pathological, are involved with one part or all parts of the triangle.

  • Weight Loss

  • Food Intolerance Test

  • Gut Health & Personal Diet Plan

  • Diagnostic Of Pathogenic Flora In Your Body

  • Hearing Loss

  • Vitamins, Oligo Elements & Supplements Efficiency

  • Headache, Insomnia & Chronic Fatigue Diagnostic

  • Cranio Sacral Therapy

  • Bach Flowers & Essential Oils Support

  • Emotional Trauma Release

  • Muscle Pain Relief

  • Postural Balance

  • Energetic Meridians Balance

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Applied kinesiology is a science that, through the application of muscle tests, making use of the contribution of all the other traditional and non-traditional medical sciences, allows us to better question the human body, about its state of health and to receive the answers about our health.

There are moments when recovery looks miraculous. But, the miracle is not an act of God; rather, it is a natural process that is going to bring about a restitution of equilibrium. With the use of applied kinesiology testing, knowledge of Chinese medicine, Cranio sacral therapy, Bach flowers, chromotherapy, and aromatherapy, and an emphasis on healthy living, diet, structural body balance, and mental wellness, We can advise and help you to improve your health condition. It’s quite remarkable how well the human body can repair itself.


Gut Health

Our digestive system is a key part of our immune system. A poorly functioning digestive system is a prevalent problem in modern society, and it can be complex and difficult to resolve.


Muscle Pain Relief

Kinesiology associate the muscle function with the craniosacral system, energy meridians, hormonal, nutritional, and emotional factors, and reflexology.


Health Coaching

We will guide and help you to improve your health condition, focusing on a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, structural body balance, and emotional wellbeing.


Postural Balance

Postural control has been defined as the act of maintaining, achieving, or restoring a state of balance during any posture or activity.


Weight Loss

Sometimes we can not lose weight even following really strict diets. We're all different and need own diet plan for a specific period of life.


Food Intolerance Test

Food intolerances are a symptom of a larger issue. Food intolerances or food sensitivities are a source of stress for the body as some food might not be tolerated.


Bach Flower Remedies

It was Dr Edward Bach (1886-1936) whose work revealed the healing powers of the 38 flowers that are now known as Bach flower remedies.