The history of Holistic massage goes back to the distant past. Manual healing techniques have been used in China, Egypt, India, and Africa for over 4,000 years. In the West, this practice dates back to Greco-Roman times. Hippocrates, the “father” of allopathic medicine, also used massage as a treatment method. Holistic massage is a personalized massage that combines various massage techniques: functional massage, trigger points, muscle energy techniques, passive movement in the joint, and muscle stretching. The main therapeutic effect of Holistic massage is achieved by restoring normal muscle tone, which allows you to correct the position of the spine and improve posture. Direct mechanical action on soft tissues activates microcirculation mechanisms, improving tissue cellular nutrition, improving lymphatic drainage processes, and stimulating lymph flow from tissues and internal organs. As a result, stagnant processes are eliminated, the body’s ability to heal itself increases, immune function improves, which allows the body to more actively resist harmful external factors, and pain syndrome decreases. With the help of massage, you can increase or vice versa lower nervous excitability, and enhance or revitalize lost tissue tropism features of your body. Holistic massage, in addition to the therapeutic effect, has a beneficial effect on emotional and psychological well-being. When you have a neck and face massage you should know that it is in these places where vital blood flows and nerves are located. Large muscles are hidden in the neck cover, and on the face, there is a wide network of nerve endings that are responsible for facial expressions. The load from the central nervous system is removed, the consequences of stressful situations are eliminated, the patient achieves a balanced state, sleep function improves, and daily activity increases. For a complete immersion in the world of relaxation and tranquility with such a message, we use the beneficial effects of music and aroma oils. According to research, soft music played during a massage session can help the brain to release mood-enhancing endorphins.