Buccal Face Massage

Buccal Face Massage

Buccal involves using thumbs and fingers to massage the inside and outside of your mouth and cheeks.

This is an intra-oral massage that utilizes a variety of various techniques to achieve the desired effect of making the skin seem more toned and lifted. It is more successful to avoid the aesthetic faults of aging by altering the facial tissues not from the outside of the mouth, where it is easier to access and feel them, but rather from the inside of the mouth, where it is more difficult to see them. A Buccal Face Massage in Ibiza is good for the following:

  • Softens Lip Lines

  • Improves The Jawline

  • Improves The Complexion

  • Relaxes Tight Muscles Of The Jaw

  • Rejuvenates The Lower Face

  • Tones & Sculpt The Lower Face

  • Softens Lines On The Lower Face

  • Reduces Puffiness Of The Cheeks & Lower Face

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70Per 30 Minutes